Reasons for australian federation essay

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Australia Day

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History of Australia

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Reasons for Australian Federation Essay Question: Outline the main reasons for One of the key reasons for Federation was to unite Australia's defence. Each individual state's defence force was not strong enough to protect Australia's vast coastline from attack.

Essay: How and Why Australia Became a Federation

It therefore made good sense to unite the defence under one command. It could be argued that Australia becoming a Federation was a stupid thing to do but most people agree that it was a great idea.

In the next few paragraphs, the reasons how and why Australia became a Federation will be discussed.


Arguments For and Against Federation. People put forward a number of arguments for federation. A sense of nationhood was growing, with improvements in communication and better transport bringing people together, and with 70% of the population being Australian-born/5(4).

Arguments for Federation. The immigration issue was used on both sides of the argument. Supporters of federation argued that a central government could make uniform immigration laws to keep non-white people out of the whole country.

Reasons for australian federation essay
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