Wild life protection act of india

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Justice Burroughs once described 'public policy' as an unruly horse; when once you get astride it you never know where it will carry you. It provides for legal powers to officers and punishment to offenders. However, there is not much optimism about this framework's ability to save the peacock, which is the national bird of India.

Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

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Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India

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Legal Articles

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Information on project clearances and rules and regulation related to pollution, environmental protection, wildlife etc. The women of today being self-dependent and though holding good positions face harassment, inequality, and biasness at workplace.

Ancient India is considered to be a land of minorities from previous times which consists of various groups- racial, religious, linguistic and cultural.

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Summary of Wildlife Protection Act (1972) of India

The Government of India enacted Wild Life (Protection) Act with the objective of effectively protecting the wild life of this country and to control poaching, smuggling and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives.

The Act was amended in January and punishment and penalty for offences under the Act have been made more stringent.

Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis) Lesser or Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) Loris (Loris tardigradus).

The Wildlife Protection Act,provides for protection to listed species of flora and fauna and establishes a network of ecologically-important protected areas. Extinct Species at Bagheera.

Wildlife of India

Choose any of the Extinct Species below for further study and review. This will help deepen one’s understanding of why the species became extinct. THE WILDLIFE (PROTECTION) ACT, (No. 53 of ) (9th September, ) An Act to provide for the protection of [Wild animals, birds and plants]1 and for matters connected therewith or ancillary or incidental thereto.

The Act is adopted by all states in India except J & K, which has its own Act. Some of the major drawbacks of the Act include mild penalty to offenders, illegal wildlife trade in J & K, personal ownership certificate for animal articles like tiger and leopard skins, no coverage of foreign endangered wildlife, pitiable condition of wildlife in mobile zoos and little.

The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 Wild life protection act of india
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